Re-Making Friends (Dick, Veronica) R (1/1)

Title: Re-Making Friends (Sequel to She Used To and The Wicked Six)
Author: Kayla
Character/Pairing: Dick (his POV), Veronica. Mentions of Logan, Madison, Lilly, and Duncan.
Word Count: 700-ish
Rating: R (for language)
Summary: Dick’s decided he’s going to do something about his reservations toward outcasting Veronica.
Spoilers/Warnings: Through 1x02 (Credit Where Credit’s Due)
Author’s Note: All mistakes are mine. The flashbacks are set in sophomore year, before Lilly died. The story is set during 1x02. Also, this is very much AU. Veronica was stilled raped at Shelly’s, but Dick did not feed her shots or bring her into the bedroom for Beaver. Read She Used To and The Wicked Six before this installment.
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Devil and Angels Glory (Cassidy) R (1/1)

Title: Devil and Angels Glory
Author: Kayla
Character: Cassidy. Mentions of Veronica, Logan, Mac, Woody and Sadie, Dick (jr and sr) Casablancas.
Word Count: 1,000
Rating: R (language, talk of rape, sex, and murder)
Summary: A look at Cassidy through the years and possible reasons for why he did what he did.
Spoilers/Warnings: 2x22--it revolves around Not Pictured.
A/N: Written for the vmlyricfic soundtrack challenge. Prompts were 'Take Refuge' from 46Bliss and a sick child or pet. Which, I used pet, as you'll see. Big thanks to insunshine for looking over this and giving me wonderful feedback. She deserves lots of Kyle sex. 

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Clever (Cassidy) PG-13 (1/1)

Title: Clever
Author: Kayla
Character/Pairing: Cassidy (Beaver). Mentions of Cassidy/Mac, and Dick (jr. and sr.)
Word Count: 300
Rating: PG-13 (deals with murder and death)
Summary: Cassidy is not evil, he's just smart.
Spoliers/Warnings: Through 2x22
A/N: Written for vm500. My prompt was Truth Be Told. And well, Cassidy, he told the truth in the fic, haa. Anyway, the Cassidy/Mac mentions were totally for bittersweet_99. X-posted to veronicamarsfic, vm500, and fic_by_kayla. Also, at the end, when Cassidy says prisoners around him, that means hell.

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Alone (Dick, Logan/Veronica) PG-13 (1/1)

Title: Alone
Author: Kayla
Request: For idolessrainbow who asked for a Dick, Logan/Veronica piece where Dick says, “I’d tap that,” referring to Veronica.
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Characters/Pairing: Dick, Logan/Veronica.
Word Count: 300 (hey, I said drabble)
Spoilers: Through 2x22, but nothing is really mentioned.
Summary: Dick and Logan are drunk and Veronica is slightly pissed.
A/N: Un-beta’d so please point out mistakes. Thank you.

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The Steps (Dick/Veronica) Chapter Five (R)

Title: The Steps (5/?) WIP
Author: Kayla
Rating: R (for language)
Character/Pairing: Dick/Veronica, Beaver (Cassidy). Mentions of Logan and Mac.
Word Count: 1,300
Spoilers: Through 2x18 (I Am God)
Summary: Step One: Stop being an asshat to her. Step Two: Ask Logan how he ever got her to date him. Step Three: Get her to say my name without disgust. 
A/N: Thanks to rindee for the wonderfully fast and amazing beta job. This chapter is dedicated to her.

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Reoccuring (Dick, Veronica) Part One of One (PG-13)

Title: Reoccuring 1/1
Author: Kayla
Pairing/Character: Dick, Veronica.
Word Count: 500
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Summary: Dick and Veronica share a smoke.
Spoilers/Warning: Pre-series. Slight AU. Dick's mother is dead. Takes place two months after Lilly died.
A/N: Written for 100_situations My prompt was smoke. This is unbeta'd, all mistakes within are mine.

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Disguising Mistakes With Goodbyes (Dick, Veronica) Chapter One (PG-13)

Title: Disguising Mistakes With Goodbyes (1/2)
Author: Kayla
Pairing/Character: Dick, Veronica, Logan, Troy, Luke. Hints of Dick/Veronica.
Word Count: 1,300
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Summary: Dick hated pretending. So he stopped.
Spoilers/Warning: Takes place during 1x05 (You Think You Know Somebody)
A/N: Written for 100_situations. My prompt was Disease. This is unbeta'd, all mistakes within are mine.

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Five Days With Dick (Dick, Veronica) R

Title: Five Days With Dick (1/1)
Author: Kayla
Rating: R (for language and drug use)
Word Count: 706
Character/Pairing: Dick, Veronica. Logan mentions.
Summary: Dick is addicted. He needs a rush.
Spoilers/Warnings: Drug use, and a lot of it. Seriously, Dick is a drug addict. Spoilers for 2x22.
A/N: In 1x02, Troy says he shouldn’t listen to ‘those guys’ about calling Veronica Trampy McBitch. Let’s assume ‘those guys’ were Dick. Written for 100_situations. My prompt was Rush. 

You see Beaver this time. And he’s chasing you. Asking you to save him. He falls to the ground and evaporates. He’s gone all over again and you’re done with acid…for good.