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All The Lights Went Out (Cassidy/Mac) R (1/1)

Title: All The Light Went Out 1/1
Author: Kayla
Character/Pairing: Cassidy, Mac, Cassidy/Mac. Mentions of Woody and Mrs. Casablancas.
Word Count: 500
Rating: R
Summary: The world is ending. And Cassidy just wants a cup of his favorite ice cream. Angst ensues. Oh, and he runs into a pretty girl...
Spoilers/Warnings:  AU, but knowledge up to 2x22. Set before Shelly's party and possibly before Beaver went insane.
Author's Note: Written for bittersweet_99. You win at life for this idea! I had fun... Thanks to afrocurl for the awesomely fast beta job. She's wonderful.

The world is literally ending. Or California at least. It's on every news station, every paper, everywhere.


He closes his eyes and wonders if the world will be gone when he opens them again. Apparently, no, that's not how it works.


And he knows - he just knows - today is going to be the worst day of his life. Despite what everyone's saying about how California's going to fall into the ocean in about 12.5 hours, he still has baseball practice. Funny how only certain boys show up.


And the rest of the afternoon proceeds to go to hell.




He hates the way Woody looks at him, and touches him, but mostly he hates the way the others just watch, silently praying that they aren't next.


He fucking hates it all.


Maybe the world ending isn't so bad after all.




It's raining - raining so hard that he thinks maybe it's leaving marks on his skin. He doesn't stop to care though because he's been marked before and he tries not to notice things like that anymore.


And besides, it's not like rain is going to stop him from getting banana ice cream, his favorite, during his last day on planet Earth. According to Susan Sunders, channel 4 News, he has 3 hours left.


He's never been more content in his life. He knows he's ready for this.




Joe's Ice Cream Parlor isn't crowded at all. He didn't think it would be.


This is definitely the 02er section of town.


He remembers when he found this place after leaving the ball diamond two years ago. Woody had called him into his office and it was the first time something like that had ever happened.


He wondered away from the field, tears in his eyes, just wanting his mom to pick him up and maybe hold him.


She had yoga and he settled for ice cream.




Joe knows him by name and doesn't call him Beaver.


Perhaps that's what he loves about this place.


He sees a girl from school - Maddie maybe - sitting in the corner and decides to join her.


If he has 2.8 hours to live, he may as well try to get his first kiss, right?


He walks over to her all confident, placing his hands on the table and trying to look adorable.


He thinks he probably fails.


"Mind if I have a seat?"


"Uh, sure. Cassidy, right? I've seen you here before."


"Yes, it's Cassidy," he says and he smiles because she's the first person he hasn't had to correct.




They go to the beach and sit in the sand. She doesn't ask him to stop when he leans in to kiss her. 

He doesn't want to.

Tags: cassidy, cassidy/mac, mac, r
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