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I Wanna Take You For Granted (R) Dick, Veronica (1/1)

Title: I Wanna Take You For Granted (Revenge Casablancas Style)
Author: Kayla
Character/Pairing: Dick, Veronica (not in the ship way, trust me.) Mentions of Logan, Duncan, and Shelly.
Word Count: 900
Rating: R (for language)
Summary: Veronica is Dick's enemy. He's out for revenge.
Spoilers/Warnings: Takes place pre-series. Somewhere after Shelly's, but before 1x01. Dark. Like, really dark on Dick's part. Like insane Dick!
Author’s Note: This is not fluff. This is not my usuall whee Dick/Veronica. This is Dick...truly hating her. Written for 100_situations. My prompt was 'enemy'. Thanks to afrocurl, chopsticknoodle, and bittersweet_99 for looking over this and telling me it was insane. Haha.
Important Note: Dick's plan won't be clear to the very end. Bear with me, folks.

Sometimes he really, truly hates her. Scrath that...he always really, truly hates her. Like when he's sitting at lunch, and he finds himself idly gazing at her...he thinks of ways to alter the course of her life. To fuck her up so badly, she won't be able to remember innocence. That's what he wants when he gets through with her. 

But so far it's just been lazy comments, flat tires, or cruel looks he sends her way. He doesn't really have a plan yet, but he's ready to recklessly destroy her. As he looks into her mild blue eyes from across the hall, he thinks maybe his plan doesn't have to be as complicated as he thought it did. 


He's sure this isn't going to work. She's been this badass for two weeks now and he's almost positive he won't be able to get her to trust him.

But he does.

Simple, really. Fix a few tires, buy her a milkshake and the job was done.

Well, not entirely done, but she didn't hate him anymore. God, he felt like a little kid in a candy shop. Except he wasn't buying candy, he was buying revenge. 


It takes one punch thrown at Logan to gain her trust...

Well, he thinks it's trust anyway, because she starts to smile around him. And laugh. Sometimes he thinks she even forgets her life from hell when she's around him. 

More times than not, he gets so caught in the moment, he forgets he's acting. He forgets that this is all just a ploy to break the remnants of her life. But it is, and he's remoreless, whether he forgets it sometimes or not. 


He doesn't include Logan or the 09er's in his scheme, that would just make it less real. That would make it less authentic, somehow. He's sure of it. 

By day 26 of this thing...plan, ploy, scheme...whatever he's doing, she's almost happy. He goes on stake-outs with her, walks Back-up, and watches dumb chick flicks. It passes through his mind that he's probably getting to caught up in this, but he tells himself he has to make it look real.


He kisses her on day 42. He knows because he marked it on his calendar. It took a little longer than he thought, but before that the timing was never right. But on day 42 it was. And of course, she responded. That Veronica Mars was like clockwork. He knew what made her tick. If that didn't make him smile, he wasn't sure what would.

On day 57, he brings her doughnuts and coffee in the morning. He has his first real run-in with Mr. Mars and if he could give himself a gold star, he so would. 

It's a simple exchange of...

You make her happy.

Thanks sir.

And Veronica smirking, but it makes his day.


They're holding hands in the halls on Neptune High on day 58. He smirks because even with the snide comments they're getting, the on-lookers have no idea. No idea how bad he going to fuck her up and make her wish she never met him.


They have their first fight on day 62. Which really, wasn't even a fight. He had planned it after all. 

He brings her flowers the next day before he realizes she's probably not a flower girl. But that really doesn't matter because he had already given them to her and she had already smiled. 

Everything was okay again.


Day 70 ends with a meeting. Apparently the counselor thinks he's not motivated. He laughs. He's quite motivated actually. Motivated to break the pieces he's spent 70 days trying to mend. Break them into smaller, more painful pieces. Break her life completely. 


On their first actual date, they run into Shelly and Duncan. Shocker, really, except for the fact that he had planned the whole thing.

As he watches the awkward exchange and the way Duncan clinches his fists, he draws a smiley face with his finger onto her back.


It's late and their on the beach when they have an actual grope-fest. 

You're not having sex with Veronica Mars, he tells himself, not yet.


He thinks maybe revenge takes too much planning and time. It's day 101 when he decides he's had enough. He's going to make tonight The Night. 


It's candles and roses and everything he thought it'd be. 

He asks if she's sure and she smiles.

He does too because if he's sure of anything, it's that she going to hate herself later for this.

As he pushes into her, he kisses her on the forehead and counts the days to her destruction.


Fucking with the condom wasn't hard, but watching his plan unravel was much easier.

Because she sits him down all serious like, telling him what he already knows.

I'm pregnant.

He laughs because she's in this alone.

Mission: Complete.


Except Veronica Mars is smarter than him.

He's forced to give her a weekly check while he watches his ex-best friend get all cuddly with her and his baby.

Mission: Fucked him over.
Tags: 100_situations, dick, dick/veronica, logan/veronica mentions, veronica
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